Sep 24 – 28, 2017
Europe/Prague timezone



18th Laser Aided Plasma Diagnostic Symposium, 24.-28.9. 2017


3d Announcement (11 August, 2017)

Dear Colleagues,

with this announcement we confirm receipt of your intention to participate in the 18th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics (LAPD18). The scientific sessions of this Symposium will take place from Monday morning, 25 September, to Thursday lunchtime, 28 September. There will be evening reception on Sunday, 24 September, to welcome all participants to Prague.

Please find important information including updates on the LAPD18 website. A first draft of the Symposium program (section Timetable) has been posted there.  Please check it for accuracy. The Local Organizing Committee welcomes questions at

We kindly ask those participants who did not register yet to do so as soon as possible here. It will help Local Organizing Committee. Please be aware that no registration will be accepted after September 15 from organizational reasons and contributions of those participants without registration might be withdrawn. The registration fee includes participation in the scientific program and all social activities. Specifically included are an abstract book, lunch buffet from Monday to Wednesday, coffee breaks, a welcome reception on Sunday evening, and excursion and banquet.

Information about manuscript submission and presentations has been sent to you via e-mail or can be found here.  We summarize it below:


Manuscript submission

The proceedings of the LAPD18 Symposium will be published in a special section of the Journal of Instrumentation (JINST). All authors making a presentation at LAPD18 are invited to submit a companion manuscript for inclusion in the proceedings. No publication charges will be assessed. All submissions will undergo the normal peer-review process. Manuscript review will be done at the conference, therefore you must be present at the conference in order for your paper to appear in the proceedings. The deadline for manuscript submission is 15 September 2017; note that this is 9 days prior to the conference. Adherence to this deadline is mandatory in order to enable peer review at the conference. Manuscripts submitted after this deadline may not be reviewed and may not appear in the proceedings.

The following length limits are suggested for companion papers:

Short oral and poster: 8 pages

Topical lectures:          12 pages

General lectures:        16 pages

Akazaki lecture:          no page limit

Adherence to these limits will make the conference proceedings more concise and readable, and will also lessen the burden on peer reviewers. Note that these are fairly generous limits, and are suggested limits, i.e., you may exceed the limit if the reviewer agrees that the content of your paper merits additional pages.

These suggested limits are in terms of pages as published in JINST; this should be straightforward for authors to estimate using the JINST templates.


Presentation instructions

For those making poster presentations, your poster must fit A0 format and will be placed vertically. All poster presenters are invited to submit a 1-page brief introduction to their poster for display in a Poster Introductions oral session just prior to the poster session. Each poster presenter will be given 2 minutes to narrate their single slide. This introductory slide must be a landscape format PDF uploaded to your Indico conference account by 21 September 2017. Slides received by this date will be pre-loaded into a single file for rapid transitions during the Poster Introductions session; the session chair will display the slides and keep time.

Guideline for uploading slides:

From the left menu, select My Contributions and add material to your contributions.


For those making invited or short oral presentations, standard audiovisual facilities will be available. You may use the computer provided for presentation, or your own computer. Please respect the following time limits:

Lecture type              Presentation (min)               Questions (min)       Total (min)

Akazaki                       45                                                        5                                  50

General                       35                                                        5                                  40

Topical                        21                                                        4                                  25

Short oral                    12                                                        3                                  15


After your presentation, please upload the pdf to your Indico conference account.

These files will be made available for download from the LAPD18 website.

Guideline for uploading:

From the left menu, select My Contributions and add material to your contributions.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Prague.

Petra Bílková

Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of LAPD17

Phone: +420 266052906