August 26, 2024 to September 6, 2024
IPP Prague, CZ
Europe/Prague timezone

Feedback from 2023

Find here some words from last event participants and their experience with the event.

Yu-Chih, Tawain
A well designed event, for anyone interested in fusion research! Throughout the two weeks working on my group's task, I understood better the importance of communication and collaboration, which made the work itself feel more lively. Also, I was able to have many fruitful discussions with the researchers in IPP CAS and benefit from their guidance and inspiration for future collaborative work. For me, it was not just the great learning experience that made this event unforgettable, but also the networking with some amazing scientists.


David, France
I had a great experience during SUMTRAIC 2023. The project I was working on was truly engaging as we were studying a real scientific question and our results were very interesting. Besides, the people I had the privilege of meeting were not only intelligent but also incredibly warm and welcoming, making the experience all the more memorable. The city of Prague, with its rich history and stunning architecture, truly added an extra layer of charm to the program. Plus, the food and beer in Prague were exceptional and surprisingly affordable. I have learned a lot and I will remember these good times. Thank you so much to the organizers for allowing me to participate. I highly recommend it!


Magne, Danemark
I joined SUMTRAIC without the typical plasma physics or diagnostics background as the other participants, and I was a bit worried that it would be beyond my level. I am happy to report that this did not turn out to be a problem. The organisers, supervisors, and other participants were eager to share their knowledge and explain key concepts, which enabled me to successfully finish my project. All in all, the summer school was a very interesting experience, and I felt like the two weeks flew by in no time. It was exciting to be fully focused on our subject matter with few other distractions. I fully recommend other students to apply to this program.


Assiya, Kazakhstan
SUMTRAIC 2023 is a significant event for everyone interested in Plasma physics, since it gives you invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge in this field. Although IPP tokamak had been in reconstruction, we had a chance to see the tokamak’s “insides” and also meet the living legend — GOLEM, first tokamak created that is still in use. Tokamak, should I say, excursion, was followed by individual tasks divided among groups, and here I’d like to mention supporting supervisors, thanks to whom I was able to feel myself comfortable and develop in a new field of physics for me to complete my task. Aside from work, I’ve met amazing people on SUMTRAIC 2023, whom I spent good time with working on project during weekdays and sightseeing in Prague during weekends. I’d like to thank the host of the program, Jordan Cavalier, for giving me a chance to participate in this event, my supervisors for creating a relaxed atmosphere during hard work, and participants for the friendly environment and motivating discussions about plasma physics.


Ramon, Spain
My time at the SUMTRAIC in the IPP Prague was perfect! Not only did I gain a ton of valuable knowledge and skills, but I also had the pleasure of meeting some truly fantastic people and visiting the city of Prague. It felt like a perfect blend of working, learning and fun, making it an unforgettable experience.


Ondrej, Czechia
The Sumtraic gave me a great introduction to the field of Tokamak physics.  As a bachelor student, I found the scientific program particularly challenging in the beginning. Nevertheless, I could always find the help of the great supervisors from the IPP and the fellow students. Additionally, I did very much appreciate the invaluable possibility to work on a real scientific topic, gaining the basics of very interesting skills in plasma physics, data analysis and public speaking. Sumtraic is a perfectly suited event for anyone who wishes to push forward his knowledge of plasma physics  in a very friendly and playful environment.


Beatrice, Italy
SUMTRAIC 2023 has been a wonderful experience. Working closely with researchers and sharing ideas with colleagues is always enriching, and SUMTRAIC gave me the opportunity to gain more confidence as a young researcher in a stimulating environment. The COMPASS team is super helpful and welcomed all of us warmly, making us feel like at home.
Besides, Prague is really a fascinating city, you don't want to miss visiting it!